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Craig not only offers guidance to parents through his tried and true, brain-based strategies outlined in his books, but he also offers professional training and lectures supported by his extensive career in social work.



For more than four decades, Craig has served as a trusted mental health consultant for both independent and public schools. He provides a range of services, including support for struggling students, school consultations for mental health staff, individual and group mental health services within schools, faculty education on social, emotional, and behavioral interventions, brain-based curriculums for social-emotional learning, administrative assistance for mental health services, and trauma and grief support for school communities.


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Pioneering neurobehavioral care, Craig founded Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates three decades ago, becoming a trusted therapeutic partner in Denver, CO. He and his team offer specialized services including cost-effective mental health services, psycho-education, emotional and ASD testing, consultation for IEP and 504 plans, assistance in securing college accommodations, and post-high school/college counseling for emotional and vocational support.


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Craig has delivered lectures both nationally and internationally, addressing topics such as the emotional and self-esteem challenges of neurotypical and exceptional students, with engagements at institutions like UC-Davis' MIND Institute. His extensive speaking experience, covering over 50 diverse topics, allows him to provide customized lectures tailored to your specific interests and requirements.


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