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Clinical Social Worker  •  Child & Adolescent Specialist  •  Author  •  Speaker


Craig A. Knippenberg holds a master's degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Denver and a Master of Divinity with a focus on pastoral counseling from the Iliff School of Theology.


He's renowned for his work with children, adolescents, and parents, especially his CONNECT group program, which he's led for four decades. Craig has delivered lectures across the U.S. and internationally on the emotional and self-esteem challenges of exceptional students, including engagements at the UC-Davis's MIND Institute.


His dedication extends to serving as a trusted mental health consultant for independent and public schools for over four decades. Craig's leadership roles include former president of the Attention Deficit Disorder Advocacy Group and various board positions championing causes like the Colorado Tourette Syndrome Association and the Rocky Mountain Chapter of CHADD.

Most notably, Craig has also developed a brain-based strategies and curriculum for teaching students about their social brain development. This curriculum is expanded on in presentations and keynotes to parent and professional groups on child/adolescent brain development.


A prolific writer, he's authored several publications, from heartfelt essays like "Crying for Columbine" featured in Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives, to books detailing his childhood experiences with Dyslexia. His much-anticipated book, Wired and Connected, launched in 2019 and is a must-read for all parents. His latest book, Shame-Free Parenting inspires parents to embrace imperfection in their parenting journey. 


Craig's accolades encompass the Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award from Denver and the Heroes In The Fight award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness. His initiative,, co-developed with his son Alex, stands as a testament to his dedication to strengthening parent-child relationships through adventures.


Craig's vast experience and expertise are drawn from his extensive education, board memberships, and a lifetime of commitment to improving the lives of children and families.

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