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Shame-Free Parenting by Craig Knippenberg

Michelle Borba, Educational Psychologist
Best-Selling Author

“Craig's work hits the true essence of parenting.

Given the modern cultural issues
which face families, it's imperative to focus on resiliency and problem-solving versus trying to protect
children from every possible stress or emotional upset.”

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Caught up in the whirlwind of over-protective parenting? In Shame-Free Parenting, author Craig Knippenberg demystifies the challenges and offers a thoughtful guide to resilient and genuine parenthood.


As parents, you'll discover:  

  • A roadmap to understanding pivotal aspects of child-rearing, arming parents with tangible techniques to forge meaningful connections while championing autonomy.

  • A holistic approach to emotions, boundaries, and acceptance: it's alright to falter, to unwind. Progress is the goal!

  • A timely exploration of contemporary challenges, from the allure of TikTok and gaming to the hard conversations about school shootings. Knippenberg emphasizes the essence of structure, resourcefulness, and steering young minds toward a driven purpose.

  • A call to action: embrace family spontaneity, adventure, and community service as instrumental avenues for cementing ties and imparting core values.

Loaded with judgment-free parenting wisdom and invaluable resources, Shame-Free Parenting inspires parents to build families that not only withstand challenges but flourish amidst them. After all, building strong families is what healthy parenting is all about.

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