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Wired and Connected by Craig Knippenberg

Verified Amazon Review of Wired and Connected

"A must read for all parents with kids or grand kids of any age! This book is transformational for parents and kids alike! Thoughtfully prepared with years of data to support the conclusions."


Parenting challenges? Overwhelmed knowing how to respond to your child’s emotions, impulsive behavior, or lack of empathy?


In Wired and Connected, discover:

  • The various stages of brain development and how they affect your child

  • The differences between boys’ and girls’ brains

  • Practical tips for working with your child’s ever-changing brain

  • Proven strategies for raising healthy kids—and maintaining your sanity


Inspired by the popular 5-part Youtube Series, Will You Be My Friend, Craig providesa deep understanding of children's brain development, particularly how it influences their emotions and behaviors.


Wired and Connected’s exercises and brain activities, will entertain the whole family and nurture your child’s development.

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