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Craig has delivered lectures across the U.S. and internationally on the emotional and self-esteem challenges of neuro typical and exceptional students, including engagements at the UC-Davis' MIND Institute. Other subjects for his speaking engagements include:


  • Building Resilience in Times of Hardship, Guns and Social Media

  • Brain-Based Solutions to Ensure Your Child's Social and Emotional Health

  • Proven Strategies for Raising Healthy Kids—and Maintaining Your Sanity

  • The Various Stages of Brain Development and How They Affect Your Child

  • Hijacking the Brain: Gaming and Social Media

  • Social, Emotional and Behavioral Development for Exceptional Students

  • Understanding and Implementing Interventions for ASD Students

  • The A’s–Z’s of Executive Functioning

  • The Pornography Epidemic

  • Running Effective Social/Emotional Development Groups at School

Craig's diverse experience speaking on more than 50+ topics also enables him to offer customized lectures for your unique needs and interests.


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